Monday, November 13, 2017

Phoenix’s Transit-Oriented Job Base is Growing

Although still trailing other big U.S. cities, Phoenix’s transit-oriented job base has grown 7.5% from 2015 to 2016. Phoenix ranks sixth out of 50 U.S. regions studied by the University of Minnesota for growth of workers linked to transit systems. Proximity to transit systems is becoming a major priority for large employers such as Amazon, as it solicits bids for its $5 billion second headquarters. In a traditionally sprawling Maricopa County, transit has helped draw jobs and commercial real estate development to downtown Tempe and Phoenix.
                  New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington rank at the top for jobs near transit systems, but the Phoenix region is adding to its transit options with hopes to catch up to these major cities. Mesa is extending its light rail down Main Street, Phoenix has approved a south line for Metro down Central Avenue to Baseline Road and South Mountain, and Tempe and Valley Metro are developing a new street car line downtown Tempe. With Phoenix’s economy and job growth steadily thriving, these new transit additions will only improve that growth in the near future.

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