Friday, March 25, 2016

PCG - The People behind the Brokerage

It’s Good Friday. Not just the Holiday, it’s just good, in general. As a matter of fact, it’s FANTASTIC! With this post, PCG National Manufactured Housing Group is launching our new Blog. This blog is here to provide any and all information that anyone involved in Manufactured Housing Communities, Manufactured Housing Brokerages, Manufactured Housing Investments or anyone simply having an interest in the Manufactured Housing Market statistics. We’re here for you! If it hasn’t been made clear, we specialize in Manufactured Housing Brokerage and only that… for now.

Our CEO, Pete B. Peterson, has been in been in Real Estate for over 20 years! He has experience as not only the Broker, but also as the Client. He has owned about a dozen parks in his time and because of a horrible experience with a Broker he had worked with in the purchase of one of his parks, he decided to do it himself. He strives for nothing less than excellence for his clients, because he would want nothing less for himself. He is the man behind the name, a growing name already known in our World.

Our Team consists of 9 Aces, apart from the Mastermind, himself.

Our front line: Jim Murillo, Scott Simonsen, Wes Peterson and Matt Gotkowski are the first voices that 99% of our new client base hears. They are specialized in key geographic areas of the United States and work on the very first step of any deal.

Once we get all the information that we need to market your park from our front line, we then have our whiz marketing team, Kyle Kopinski and Jordan Glenn, create customized park flyers and marketing packages. We, then, blast out the information to our client base of thousands of Manufactured Housing Investors. Always taking care with Client Confidentiality and Real Estate law, before any information can be viewed, we use the latest software to make sure your information doesn't get into the wrong hands.

Richard Spreiser and Marc Luety, both of whom are what we call “Our Deal-Makers”, are the guys who piece the deal together. They know 95% of our Investor base, professionally, and a good amount of them personally. As soon as they get your Mobile Home Park’s information, they can list off at least 5 different Investors that would be perfect to buy your park, off the top of their heads! What other established National Brokerage can do that? Not many, if any at all.

Once the deal is started, our Transaction Coordinator, Shelby Montano, is the one behind drafting, sending and receiving all transaction documents to and from all parties involved. She, also, is constantly working with Pete on our Business Model and Business Development.

We are always aiming to raise our standards, because we know our client base only deserves the best; something better always comes along, so we have to continue bettering ourselves to continue being the best.